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Summa is the largest supplier of demounted tyres and wheels within Europe. In the webshop Summa offers an extensive range and a large stock of new and demounted summer and all season tyres, new winter tyres, wheels and new snow chains.


Summa offers a wide range of tyres, varying from new demounted tyres to new summer- and winter tyres.

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In addition to a wide selection of tires, Summa is also a specialist when it comes to wheels. Good examples are wheels of MAK and Rial. Furthermore we have alloy wheels and demounted wheels. The demounted wheels who have been mounted on new cars for a short period of time. Summa also has its own brands OXXO and Advanti which we sell in Belgium and the United Kingdom.



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In terms of accesoires Summa sells snow chains. Snow chains can be used during circumstances where the the road is heavily icy and when even your winter tyres have difficulties finding grip.  Snow chains should not be used on normal roads, only in mountain passes. In many wintersport areas it is mandatory to carry snow chains. Summa is a official dealer of Maggi snow chains in Belgium and Germany en of Weissenfels snow chains in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. In the Summa webshop you will find the extensive range of both brands.

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